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When you are looking for a restaurant near me in London, make sure Stone Cave restaurant will be your first choice as a restaurant. Stone Cave is one of the best restaurant near you.

We would like to introduce our city…

The Food Capital of the World – Gaziantep

In our city where we born called “Gaziantep” people are saying; if the world was a house definitely Gaziantep would have been the kitchen. Many restaurants near each other and all the restaurants are very successful. Gaziantep is very famous city in the world with gastronomi.

Above all, most of butcher owning a restaurant in Gaziantep all of them are very successful. Please click here to get more information about Gaziantep.

I used to work in a butcher shop when i was young. For instance, me and my boss were cooking for most of businesses and houses all around. In Gaziantep people can call the butcher and prepare food for them. Can be business meal or family meal. In other words, we do know which part of meat goes in to Lamb Shish kebab or which part is best for lamb chops, lamb ribs and Adana Shish Kebab.

My friend told me to go to Antalya to get more experience about mezes, vegetarian dishes and traditional dishes. I start to work in a restaurant in Antalya. However, before I go there i did have lots of experience about meat dish. After Antalya I have learnt many others different dishes. In addition, I have studied ‘Travel and Tourism Management”

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Our first opinion is always to serve fresh and good quality of the food. Therefore our service is very friendly and helpful as well. We always speak about food and we always mention “if you can not eat, do not serve to the customer. In our opinion we do not see our guest as a customer. Feeling that one of our family member visiting our house.

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And if you prefer, we can prepare you a meal for you to enjoy at home. Choose from our menu and we’ll create an authentic Turkish dining experience for you to eat at your own table.